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15th March: Climate Change. Business Risk, Business Opportunity?

12th March, Rules & Regs Update 2012

1st November - Green & Tender

8 June 2011: 2011 Waste Regs

18 May 2011: Green Buildings

23 March 2011: Climate Week - Writing a Green Policy For Your Business

25th February 2011 - Brass Tacks

7th December 2010 - Green Catchup

11 November 2010 - EMS Masterclass

28 September 2010 - Environmental Law Update: case studies, compliance & coming regulations

19th August 2010- CRC Registration Support

6th July 2010: Green Buildings

24th May 2010: Breakfast Briefing: Batteries, Packaging, WEEE... Are you responsible?

21st April 2010: Road Trip to Sustainability Live!

25th February 2010: Why Waste? Yorkshire's First Zero Waste & Cost Effective Recycling Fair!

28 January 2010: The C Word

5th November 2009: Environmental Rules & Regs

25th September 2009: Environmental Funding Briefing

3rd Sept 2009: Britvic Site Visit. Avoiding Greenwash – how to make change really happen

3rd July 2009: Lean & Green

4th June 2009: What’s going on in Wakefield?

20th May 2009: Visit to Award Winning Business Xiros

30th April 2009: Green Business is Good Business


15th March: Climate Change. Business Risk, Business Opportunity?

Climate change is happening – the scientific community are agreed on this. Evidence that we are changing the earth’s climate on a global level is overwhelming.

Climate change will create disruptions for businesses; and new opportunities.

WSP Environmental are specialists in climate change risk. They have produced studies on the likely impact of climate change for a range of different businesses; both large and small. At this event, they shared some of their findings.

Also find out about : the CO2Sense Environment Voucher

If you’re interested in improving your business by reducing your co2 emissions and saving money then the Environment Voucher will interest you. This scheme is targeted towards SME business sectors which have a higher than average environmental footprint (including manufacturing & construction).

It can offer free expert environmental consultancy and a grant to help you implement changes. CO2Sense will come to this event to brief you on what type of project they can help with; and answer your questions.

“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” - African Proverb

12 March: Legal Update: Green Deal & Recent Regs Reminders

Yvonne Rowse from ECUS covered UK Regulations. This briefing covered key pieces of environmental legislation, placing a special focus on 2 pieces of recent legislation:

- 2011 Waste Regs
- The Green Deal

Jenny Lawson from Enterprise Europe Yorkshire also previewed EU Legislation on the horizon:

- Revisions to the WEEE Directive
- Steps to tighten controls on water pollution
- The latest on chemicals (REACH)and biocides
- New rules on when a waste is not a waste

CO2Sense shared information on their Environment Voucher and Free Energy Monitoring Kit Programme.
Bradford Council came along to disseminate their Climate Change Strategies.

1st November - Green & Tender

When you are writing a tender you will be thinking hard about costs and competitiveness.

Questions like: ‘do you have an environmental policy?’ And ‘what actions are you taking to reduce your company’s environmental footprint?’ may seem a bit of a digression from the main topic.

But public and private sector buyers are looking closely at these answers to help them determine where to award contracts.

Speakers for this event included:

Jenny Lawson, Enterprise Europe Network Yorkshire
Jenny explained how green issues are embedded into tendering by the EU and how UK organisations are affected.

Louisa Tejeda-Wood from Bradford University
Louisa will explained how this environmental issues influence buying decisions and what the University look for when they award contacts.

John Waites from Kwik-Klik 
John will talked about Kwik-Klik's sustainable journey - why products were developed,  how buyers have responded and what the future holds in this sector of industry

Sam Saxby, BBEF
A quick overview of what environmental areas you could look at improving.


8th June – Briefing on the New 2011 Waste Regulations, Brighouse


Landfill tax increased by £8/tonne on the 1 April and new waste regulations came in force from the 29th March. 

Did you know that

  • You must now apply the waste hierarchy when you dispose of waste

  • Some wastes have been excluded from control

  • Hazardous waste controls have changed

  • There is a new system for waste carriers, brokers and dealers

Pennine-Pack and BBEF joined forces to organise a special briefing on this topic.

Phil Conran from 360 Environmental delivered this session for us. Slides are unavailable on this occasion.


18th May: Green Buildings 2011, Leeds

BBEF’s annual update on green buildings – covering current legislation, regulations and best practice. 

Eco-buildings grab headlines and city skylines. There is a pressing need to make buildings greener to meet the UK's legally binding framework of carbon cuts and Carbon Reduction Commitment targets.  Part L building regulations are very strict in how they measure buildings and score BREAM ratings.  Display Energy Certificates (DECS) are mandatory for many buildings – and the Carbon Trust are proposing that business rates be linked to DEC performance ratings in the future.


  • Green building standards & compliance – how new buildings are designed to meet Part L.  (STROMA). Also: info on Stroma Services & Case Study

  • Case studies – new eco-builds using 3d models to demonstrate key building features  (RBS ARCHITECTS)  

  • Energy in existing buildings – typically between 20 – 50% of annual energy consumption can be saved.  This will be demonstrated with case studies along with info about energy certificates (Fading Footprints). Also, Sample Report.

  • Retrofitting green solutions –how you can retrofit an existing building using the  Passivhaus approach (the leading standard in energy efficiency) and water saving opportunities (Green Building Store)

  • Renewable Energy – what solutions are available, how paybacks stack up, and what funding you can use to help realise plans(including latest info on FITS and the RHI) (PASCHALi Greener Working Solutions)

23 March, Climate Week: Writing a Green Policy for Your Business

Most big buyers are looking for suppliers that have an environmental policy but what should it include and how do you write one?

In this presentation we take you through how you should write an environmental policy that's effective and impressive, and we also give suggestions for simple and quick projects that you could do in your business to help improve your environmental credentials and your bottom line. We also give you a short overview of some key environmental regulations which apply to all businesses so that you can stay on the right side of the law.

This is ideal for small businesses that need a policy to go into tender documents or those that just want to do their bit for the environment. This session also covered what climate week is all about - explained why we are worried about carbon.

Download the presentation here.

25th Feb - Brass Tacks

Practical information on environmental improvements & cost savings.  What you can change.  What this will cost.  What you will save.  And where you can go to find the money. We are focused on improvements that pay back in three years or less.  This session is designed to be particularly useful for manufacturing & warehousing companies and building and facilities managers.

Presentations are available via the hyperlinks below.


-Our experiences distilled (Elin Pheasant, WRAP / Envirowise)

- Energy savings we have seen real buildings make (Ewan Addison, The Carbon Trust)

- How we did it– business case study (Martyn Lowe, HC Slingsby PLC)


Quickfire presentations from funding bodies on what types of grants and loans your projects may be eligible for

- The Carbon Trust – Interest Free Loans

- co2sense – Locally Available Consultancy Support and Grants

- WRAP - Securing investment & commitment for change


A quick fire section for those with products or service which makes savings to tell you about them.  Each presenter will had only two minutes to describe their offer, and they had to name names and quote facts: use real world figures from a named installation or client they have worked with to illustrate their product or service (cost, savings and payback).

Speakers for this section secured to date include

-co2sense – how smart meters can save you money & a NEW try before you buy offer for Yorkshire companies

- Thorite – is your compressed air system leaking money?

- Utility Auditing – are you paying over the odds for your utilities?

- Tadpole – how you can increase your boiler’s efficiency

- Building Energy Control Solutions – could you save a fortune just by changing your lightbulbs?

- Quattra Seal: the low cost alternative to double glazing

- co2sense – some of Yorkshire’s best green products

- Building Energy Control Systems - take charge of your building to control costs

- Calomax –efficient hot water heating systems

- Talbotts - wood fuel heating systems

7th December - Green Christmas Catchup

It’s been a busy year for everyone we know – we’ve tackled CRC. Now we’re all trying to work out exactly what the Comprehensive Spending Review, public sector funding cuts and the new Green Investment Bank could mean for us and our environmental projects. Rather than cramming in another briefing, we though December was the time to kick back, relax, and reflect on what we’ve done this year with friends and colleagues.

This was an informal networking event for environmental professionals from West Yorkshire with a chance celebrate your successes from 2010 and put out feelers to see who might be able to help you with the problems you’ll be tackling in 2011.

11 November - EMS Masterclass

An EMS system can absorb a lot of time and energy. Get the most out of your investment - take a look at some businesses where EMS systems are adding real value.

No Frills Systems for SMEs - Martyn Lowe: HC Slingsbys PLC

If you are a company with no major environmental impacts who implement an EMS to satisfy customers, how do you create a no frills system which still adds value? Martyn’s approach is to “keep it simple and get everyone involved”. The EMS system he runs at HC Slingsby is made useful by being built into everyday work. View Martyn's presentation here.

Integrating Management Systems - Steve Smith, Hallmark Cards

Hallmark are a first tier supplier to major high street and grocery retailers. Their Environmental Management System is certified to ISO14001 and encompasses elements of FSC & Carbon Trust Standard requirements. Steve delegates responsibility as far as possible so that systems and compliance become routine for all staff, not just the Environmental Manager. View Steve's presentation here.

28 September - Environmental Law Update: case studies, compliance & coming regulations

Keeping up to date with environmental responsibilities is a constant challenge - the law is continually changing. The courts keep finding new ways to heap both criminal and civil liabilities on businesses and companies, directors and employees who flout environmental law (even unknowingly) are increasingly at risk. The consequences of transgression are becoming more and more serious, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Andrew Lindsay is a partner in Denison Till, commercial solicitors specialising in environmental law. He advises many businesses, directors and employees about their duties towards the environment and how to keep on the right side of the law. He talked us through some recent case law involving environmental prosecutions and gave practical examples of how to protect yourself from claims. His presentation is available here.

Jenny Lawson, Manager of Enterprise Europe Yorkshire briefed us on recent regulations adopted to implement EU Directives and also looked at what else is on the horizon: revisions to the WEEE Directive, new legislation on industrial emissions and potential action on biowaste and “mixture toxicity” of chemicals. Her presentation is available here.

View event videos

19th August - CRC Registration Support

Breakfast Briefing, 7.30 – 9.30am

If you’ve got 00 meters and are looking at the CRC Registration process with a faint sense of horror, don’t despair – help is at hand.

1. Gail Hammond from the Environment Agency -

- Gave a brief overview of CRC regulations – who they apply to, and what they are for
- Summarised what data you need to have to hand to register a) for an information disclosure, and b) as a full participant
- Gave us a show-and tell tour around the registration site

Gail's presentations were in two parts - click here for the first, and here for the second.

2. John Hardman from Kyron Energy & Carbon Solutions Limited covered -

- What the data requirements are like for those meaningful submissions
- The importance of accuracy going forward & the need to put in place a structured data gathering system
- Hints and top tips for handling full registrations
- John also shared his thoughts on where CRC may go in future.

John's presentation is available here.

Mark Gregory from co2sense yorkshire gave a brief overview of how wood fuel heating could help you reduce your need for fossil fuel – and make co2 emission reductions.

6th July: Green Buildings

New eco-buildings are exciting, grabbing headlines as well as city skylines. We also need to make existing buildings greener, to meet the challenges of CRC and the UK’s legally binding framework of carbon cuts. Did you know that Display Energy Certificates (DECS) are mandatory for many buildings? And that linking business rates to DEC performance ratings is being proposed by the Carbon Trust?

1. Caroline Batson, Sustainability Manager at RBS Architects explained what eco building is all about, including part L regulations and retrofitting.

2. Daniel Relton of Fading Footprints talked about what issues he tackles when helping organisations reduce energy consumption and running costs. He also demystified DECS and Energy Performance Certificates.

3. David Lovell from West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service gave WYTSS' perspective on advice, regulation and enforcement of DECs and EPCs.

4. Jos Mister from the Energy Saving Trust briefed us on renewable energy solutions - helping you navigate technology types, payback times, feed in tariffs, grants and funding.

5. Caroline Batson gave delegates a short tour of the Shibden Hall visitor centre, which was an eco build.

24th May: Breakfast Briefing: Batteries, Packaging, WEEE... Are you responsible?

‘Producer Responsibility’ regulations give businesses who place products on the market responsibility for managing them at the end of their life. Packaging, WEEE and now the new 2009 Waste Batteries Regulations clearly place a burden on manufacturing, importing, distribution and retailing businesses. You must bear the costs of collection, sorting, treatment, recycling/ recovery and disposal.

These regulations are notoriously difficult to grasp, and recent prosecutions have shown how easy it is for businesses to misunderstand their level of responsibility. At this briefing, we also put these regulations into context by covering DEFRA’s plans for excluding more material from landfill, and explain how waste translates into a carbon footprint.

John Mooney, Pennine Pack - context for producer responsibility regulations, and packaging waste regulations
Kevin Bray, KJ Bray & Associates - batteries legislation
Simon Perfect, WeeeCare - weee legislation

21st April - Road Trip to Sustainability Live!

Sustainability live is the UK's leading event for the environment, energy, water, land and sustainability. Run over 3 days, the event has 350 stalls, over 100 speakers and 8,000 delegates. Sadly we can’t move it to Yorkshire, but we did the next best thing and took local businesses there.

We shared the coach with South Yorkshire Green Business Club and met the Humber Environmental Network in Birmingham – fitting in some good local networking whilst hearing from national best practice.

25th February 2010: Why Waste? Yorkshire's First Zero Waste & Cost Effective Recycling Fair!

A massive 180 people turned up to our February fair to discover waste reduction and recycling solutions.

More than 30 stalls were there to promote their services - the Delegate Booklet contains full details.

Our Speakers were:

Louise Milwain, Environment Agency: Latest Developments in Waste Legislation

Derek Jackson, Agfa Graphics: Waste Reduction & Cost Savings at Agfa

David Stowe, TEG Environmental & co2sense yorkshire: Commercial Food Waste Recycling

Phil Pease, Industrial Packaging Association Chief Exec: Maximising Efficiencies of Industrial Packaging

Emma Hill, Why Waste: Tips for Effective Waste Reduction

28 January 2010: The C Word

Carbon Trading, Carbon Reduction Commitment, Carbon Footprints, Carbon Credits…

The media is full of stories on Carbon – but it’s big businesses and government departments who are hardest hit by legislation.  They are busy pledging reductions and appointing specialist staff.  Some smaller companies are bound by the legislation to send in reporting information.  Are you?

BBEF pulled together a team of specialists to explain this fast-moving and complex topic. 


  • Pete Stevens, Carbon Action Yorkshire
  • Rob Lawson, Provident Financial
  • Adam Woodhall, PeopleProfitPlanet

The presentation from Pete Stevens is available here, and here are some accompanying notes on CRC.

5th November: Environmental Rules & Regs

Keeping up to date with Environmental Rules & Regulations is a constant challenge – Batteries and Environmental Liability Directives, WEEE Revisions, Carbon Reduction Commitments…

We arranged for Jenny Lawson of Enterprise Europe Yorkshire and Satpal Roth from Gordons Solicitors to come along and provide an update.

Click here to download a copy of the presentation.

Satpal Roth also kindly agreed to share her notes on the Producer Waste Responsibility (Packaging Waste Regulations), Climate Change Act and The Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act (click to download).

25th September 2009: Environmental Funding Briefing.

Find out what funding there may be to help your project and how to maximise your chances of making a successful application. Speaking:

- REY Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fund & FEY Woodfuel Infrastructure Grants

- Business Link Innovation Voucher: can help you buy specialist advice to the value of £3,000.
- BREIG Capital Funding: 20% grants towards equipment that saves energy, raw material or water & funds towards consultancy or training.
- Shell Springboard: competition looking for products/services which are innovative, commercially viable and will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions: 8 awards of £40,000.
- Carbon Trust Interest Free Loan: can offer interest free loans of £3,000 to £400,000 towards purchases that make energy savings.
- The Enhancement Fund have also agreed to speak, and can offer 60% towards training costs.

Venue: Leeds & Bradford Cedar Court Hotel

3rd Sept: Britvic Site Visit. Avoiding Greenwash – how to make change really happen.

Making and maintaining environmental improvements is an ongoing challenge. Influencing board members or senior managers to get ideas accepted, working with front line staff to change embedded habits… it’s a tiring task that takes resourcefulness and determination. Refresh yours by hearing others’ experiences of managing these changes and take the chance to see good practice in action.

Sandy Needham is Chief Executive of Bradford Chamber of Commerce. Tasked with representing Bradford’s businesses locally and nationally, Sandy is adept at listening, influencing, steering and lobbying to make effective changes happen. How do you present your ideas and proposals and make sure you are heard?

Kevin Simpson is Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator at Britvic. Involved in a massive organisational shift to improve processes and procedures through use of 5S and Lean techniques, Kevin has seen strong leadership effect a radical change in staff attitudes and behaviours. How do you get staff to alter embedded habits and change culture? In a facility that can be running 24 hours a day 7 days a week with one hundred and forty employees, this is no small task…

Venue: Britvic Site, Bramley, Leeds

3rd July 2009: Lean & Green

Lean is a technique well known in manufacturing, but little understood in many other circles. Lean is an approach to business which improves value through the systematic reduction of non-value added activities – or waste. Lean looks at physical materials, goods used, transportation, overproduction and not getting things right first time.

This masterclass will demonstrate how Lean can be applied to all types of business and give you some tricks and tips to take home.

4th June 2009: What’s going on in Wakefield?

If you’ve been following the local headlines, you’ll know something is happening in South Kirby.

“Waste Facility gets full Planning Permission”

“Recycling Business Park – Link Road from A1 Built!”

“Grants available for companies locating at South Kirkby!”

Come and find out about the story behind the headlines – and hear a preview of what’s being planned to make Wakefield a cutting edge centre in recycling.

Peter Scholes, Managing Director of the innovative environmental consultancy Urban Mines is taking time out of his hectic schedule to unveil plans to local businesses. If you are interested in understanding future plans for the region and hearing about opportunities for the green businesses of the future, this is an event not to be missed.

20th May 2009: Visit to Award Winning Business Xiros

Xiros design, engineer and manufacture surgical implements. Winners of a diverse range of awards in everything from international trade to environmental best practice, Xiros kindly agreed to throw open their doors to BBEF members.

Find out how they are using their Environmental Management System and how they are calculating - and reducing - their Carbon Footprint. This event also included is a tour of the unique Xiros estate which has won conservation and wildlife awards.

This event was organised in collaboration with Peter Boyd from the Conservation Management Centre at Forster Community College.

30th April: Green Business is Good Business

This environmental fair saw BBEF relaunch as the Sub-Regional Green Business Club for West Yorkshire. The even featured stalls from a wide variety of agencies, including Envirowise, The Carbon Trust, The Manufacturing Advisory Service and West Yorkshire Travel Plan. Speakers were:

- Angus Maciver, Morissons (Green Business is Good Business : video part 1, video part 2)

- Ian Cowling, Old Bear Brewery

- Andy Hartley, Resource Efficiency Yorkshire

- Dan Jerwood, GDF Suez Energy